About Us S&J Junk Hauling

Hello everyone, my name is Steve and I am the owner of PNW Demolition & S&J Junk Hauling. I created our business back in 2016

We Weren’t Always into the Demolition, Where we began was that my future wife and I worked different shifts while I worked at the Boeing Company (airplanes). She worked the day and I worked the night.

I saw the potential of our lives and knew that after much thought, and even more math, we had the chance to strike out on our own, I’d buy a trailer and we’d start up a Junk removal business with our tax returns. 

We took our chances, I quit my job, Started up Junk Removal, and we slept in our Truck while we built our businesses up. 

Our determination and self-sacrifice paid off.

Quickly enough we were able to expand into demolition.

It’s not what’s better for just ourselves and our people. We want to bring our services to help others along their journey. 

We took the chances, and we haven’t stopped because of our aspirations. 

We’ll never choke on the tasks before us

 We’ve already been forged in our trials. 

Let us clear the path for you to begin yours.